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Keep It Casual

...with our long expiry packs.
Number of classes Expiry Cost  
16 months £17£17 per class Buy
56 months £60£12 per class Buy
106 months £110£11 per class Buy
206 months £200£10 per class Buy

All packs come with Auto Top-up. This can be turned off at any time by logging into your account and clicking "End Auto Top Up."

Make a Commitment

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Pass name Expiry Classes Cost  
Bronx monthly pass1 month 4~1 per week £36£9 per class Buy
Brooklyn monthly pass1 month 8~2 per week £64£8 per class Buy
Manhattan monthly pass1 month 12~3 per week £84£7 per class Buy
Tribeca Club monthly pass1 month 32~8 per week £160£5 per class Buy

Payment will be taken on the same date every month. Monthly passes can be cancelled at any time by logging into your account and clicking "End Auto Top Up".

Grab a limited edition

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Name Description Cost  


The magic of Auto Top-up

All of these packages come with our exciting Auto Top-up feature to make your life easier!

That means that when you have zero classes left in your current pack (you use them all or they expire), we will buy you a new pack of the same size using your card that you saved to your account.  For example, if you like buying in 5-class packs, when you book your 5th class, we’ll buy you a new 5-pack using your card.  Hurrah – no one likes having zero classes left.

If at any point you don’t want Auto Top-up any more, just turn it off on our website :-)


Corporate Wellness Packages at Tribeca  

Tribeca is pleased to announce it's new Corporate Wellness Programmes to help local businesses in Ealing make their workforce healthier and happier :)

What can we do for you and your workplace?

  • Discounted corporate rates
  • Team building events
  • In-office exercise
  • Open weeks
  • Wellness events direct at your offices

For more information please click here  or email 


New to Tribeca? Or want to buy without Auto-Top up?

Even though we think Auto Top-up is a win-win, we believe in letting you make your own mind up.  So here are a couple of packages if you would prefer to top-up manually.

  • 1



    Valid for 6 months 

  • 5



    Valid for 6 months 

  • Most popular option




    BLITZ PACK: Accelerate progress with this 2 week intensive pack.