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Keep It Casual

Number of classes Expiry Cost  
16 months £17£17 per class Buy
56 months £60£12 per class Buy
106 months £110£11 per class Buy
206 months £200£10 per class Buy
5012 months £450£9 per class Buy
10012 months £800£8 per class Buy

Make a Commitment

Pass name Expiry Classes Cost  
Bronx monthly pass1 month 4~1 per week £36£9 per class Buy
Brooklyn monthly pass1 month 8~2 per week £64£8 per class Buy
Manhattan monthly pass1 month 12~3 per week £84£7 per class Buy
Queens monthly pass1 month 16~4 per week £100£6 per class Buy
Tribeca Club monthly pass1 month 32~8 per week £160£5 per class Buy

Grab a limited edition

Name Description Cost  
Two week Blitz BLITZ PACK: Accelerate progress with this 2 week intensive pack. 14 classes to use in 14 days! £65 Buy


The magic of Auto Top-up

All of these packages come with our exciting Auto Top-up feature to make your life easier!

That means that when you have zero classes left in your current pack (you use them all or they expire), we will buy you a new pack of the same size using your card that you saved to your account.  For example, if you like buying in 5-class packs, when you book your 5th class, we’ll buy you a new 5-pack using your card.  Hurrah – no one likes having zero classes left.

If at any point you don’t want Auto Top-up any more, just turn it off on our website :-)


Corporate Wellness Packages at Tribeca  

Tribeca is pleased to announce it's new Corporate Wellness Programmes to help local businesses in Ealing make their workforce healthier and happier :)

What can we do for you and your workplace?

  • Discounted corporate rates
  • Team building events
  • In-office exercise
  • Open weeks
  • Wellness events direct at your offices

For more information please click here  or email