Sean Carey

Sean Carey

If you happen to hear Sean's voice booming from the Ride studio above the Smoothie Bar, it may put you off trying his popular hour long 'ride or die' class.  However, don't let the shouting put you off as he is a teddy bear really and althouh you may hear his spinning catchphrase 'your pain, my pleasure' he really knows how to motivate people and push them through the pain together!  Sean is a big fan of our healthy Emerald Crush smoothie but he does also admit to having a guilty pleasure for digestive biscuits!  As well as being an ace instructor, Sean also has skills as a window cleaner...  Wow, we have such multitalented instructors!

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Fun Facts about Sean

  • fitness accomplishment

    "Being able to do a hand stand after recovering from shoulder surgery"

  • phrase most likely to say

    "Relax your face" (During Yoga)

  • autobiography

    "The Ginger Truth"

  • favourite curse word

    "WA! - It's in Thai and trust me said in the right context its will raise eye brows!"