Elena Gidoni

Elena Gidoni

Elena has had a varied and interesting life graduating with first-class honours at the prestigious University of Padova, Italy, becoming a Doctor in Modern Languages and Literature, working for a Marketing company in London for several years, training at the Mulholland Academy in Amsterdam and working as an artist and performer in collaboration with Physical Theatre Companies and Art/Dance/Theatre groups. She still performs at Fringe Theatre Festivals in Amsterdam, Brussels, Spain and Italy.
Practicing Yoga and developing a Fitness and Dance routine helped her at every stage of her life, keeping her balanced, grounded and connected, enhancing her focus and stamina. Elena decided to deepen her knowledge in those fields: she became a Fitness Instructor at the beginning of 2012 and at the end of the same year she graduated as Yoga Teacher at the London Shakti Power Centre.
Elena teaches Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha, Yin Yoga and Astanga.
Elena's classes are an experience: They’re original and creative; and her ability to make participants feel welcome and at ease helps them relax and get the most out of their practice.
Positivity, high energy, lightness, balance and flexibility are the qualities she promotes in class; they mirror her attitude towards life. She believe all activities associated with well-being should be inclusive rather than exclusive.

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Fun Facts about Elena

  • favourite pose

    Warrior 3 - the flying warrior

  • turn ons

    people who find joy in movement and can smile while they work out

  • hidden talent

    I’m a doctor in Languages and Literature

  • favourite curse word