Chris Eastwood

Chris Eastwood

Chris is our favourite actor, a super lovely guy, and has an incredible tuck jump to his name...  We are sooo super pumped to have Chris teaching with us every week!  According to Chris, the best thing about being on Team Tribeca is knowing your teammates are some of the most knowledgable, experienced and motivating people you will ever meet. "What inspiration!"  Aw shucks, too kind...  You're not so shabby yourself, Chris!

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Fun Facts about Chris

  • #1 on bucket list

    Run an ultramarathon.

  • Post-class snack

    Banana and Peanut Butter (in any form - a shake, on toast, from a trough...)

  • Favourite class saying

    Squeeze your glutes, just don't squeeze anyone else's!

  • Tribeca in 5 words

    Energizing, Inspiring, inclusive, boutique, fun.