Kettlebells workout at Tribecas in Ealing Broadway

Hi there, we are Tribeca Studios

We like to approach everything we do with endless amounts of enthusiasm, a real zest for life and all that it encompasses.  Of course we’re into health, fitness and well-being and we know that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.  BUT, we believe a full and happy life is all about balance.  Whether that’s between life and work or indulgence and moderation, we’re not here to judge (we love pints way too much).

Anyone who works with us, trains with us regularly, or just drops in for a class from time to time is part of creating that spirit and contributing to our culture.  We’ll supply an endless amount of encouragement and the right tools to push you to be the best that you want to be and we’ll expect anyone who walks through our doors to give us their best, happy self in return.

A little something for you history buffs...  Although our story is just beginning, we feel like it’s been quite a journey so far.  Have a scroll to learn a bit more.  Mostly, thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  • January 2016
    Tribeca Studios Street Sign in Ealing W5

    “Tribeca Studios Ealing opens for business”

  • July 2015
    Ealing Beer Festival

    “We experience our first Ealing Beer Festival – and boy do we feel at home here.”

  • June 2015
    Tribeca Studios' contruction in W5

    “Construction began – Sherman, AECOM, and Gravity had the tough job of making our vision a reality – well done guys.”

  • May 2015
    Tribeca Studios' instructor get together

    “We hosted the first Instructor get together.  So many muscles, so much energy, so many pints.  We know it’s the start of something special (and many more Sunday Funday & Friday Pre-tox to come!)”

  • April 2015
    Tribeca Studio flyers

    “We are out to the public – posters, magazine advertisements and online – it’s never felt more real!”

  • March 2015
    Andy Williams working out

    “Our first employee comes on board – yay Andy!”

  • February 2015
    Tribeca Studios Photoshoot

    “We have our first photo shoot with Tom Miles – you are amazing!”

  • October 2014
    Tribeca Studios' Beer Glass

    “After so much support from friends, family, the Bain community and beyond, we make a tough decision and decide on a firm to fund us, rather than a collection of fabulous individuals.  Key fitness and roll out experience wins the battle in the end!”

  • August 2014
    Old Priory front in Ealing

    “After nearly a year of searching, Ealing is to be our first home.  The old Priory is to be transformed for a different kind of sweating ”

  • July 2014
  • April 2014
  • August 2013
  • February 2013