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  • Join Tribeca from £36 per month

    Join Tribeca from £36 per month

    October 2017

    Exciting news!  We have just launched our shiny new monthly passes.

    We haven't taken away our popular existing packs of 5, 10 and 20 classes.  They're still available with auto top-up and valid for 6 months, allowing you ultimate flexibility.

    But, if you want to get results, it's best to commit.  Decide how often you’ll come and sign up for the best monthly pass for you...  1x per week?  2x per week?  3 x per week?  Every day?

    Read on for all the juicy details...

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  • Healthy Backbends Workshop on Sunday 3rd Sept 4pm-6pm with Thomas Thoroe

    Healthy Backbends Workshop on Sunday 3rd Sept 4pm-6pm with Thomas Thoroe

    September 2017

    In this workshop we will move through a Vinyasa sequence looking at the spine in different shapes with a focus on back bending.

    It will be a fun couple of hours for any one wishing to get deeper into their yoga practice.

    Want to hear more?  Just click the button below...

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  • Tribeca headlining at Make it Sunday event on Sunday 20th Aug

    Tribeca headlining at Make it Sunday event on Sunday 20th Aug

    August 2017

    Tribeca Studios is pleased to announce they will partnering with Make it Ealing's Make It Sunday event on Bond Street on Sunday 20th August.

    We have a whole day filled of fun fitness games and complimentary classes for you to attend.

    Read on to find out about the complimentary classes we'll be running on the day.


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  • Corporate packages now available at Tribeca Studios

    Corporate packages now available at Tribeca Studios

    July 2017

    21st Century working life is bad for us - which means it's bad for business. Luckily at Tribeca we have the antidote to get your workforce healthier and happier;

    For more information on our corporate packages and how we can help your company with their health and wellbeing programmes / employee benefits please click on the read more bottom below.

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  • Chiswick Resident - Join the Tribe

    Chiswick Resident - Join the Tribe

    13 July 2016

    "We all know what it’s like to buy a gym membership, only to be so rushed-off-your feet busy that you’ve not been once...  Tribeca harnesses a different approach."

    "Tribeca focuses in ‘doing more of what makes you happy’, but without having to deal with 12-month contracts or sign-up fees in order to do so."

    "This is an innovation for west London, with signature classes set in a suitably NYC-esque environment, complete with full amenities, high-tech electronic wristband sign-in and locker system and healthy vending machines."

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  • Class review:  Diva - LifeofaTwentySomething blog

    Class review: Diva - LifeofaTwentySomething blog

    26 May 2016

    "I’ve started dancing like a Diva. You could too..."

    "It blew me away, made me smile, actually no, made me laugh hysterically and got me dancing."

    "I honestly haven’t experienced such an amazing stress relief/workout/sweat session ever."

    "There were people of all ages. Some have danced before, most haven’t."

    "Your class can cost as little as £7."

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  • The Times - "Companies Riding High"

    The Times - "Companies Riding High"

    21 May 2016

    "Companies Riding High...  Tribeca Studios."

    "This is new gym format offering a pay-as-you-go model, with no annual contract, no joining fee and no monthly fee.  The company's first site is 200 yards from Ealing Broadway station in west London."

  • Class review: BODYATTACK - YouLeanMeUp blog

    Class review: BODYATTACK - YouLeanMeUp blog

    17 May 2016

    "One of the most beautiful and luxurious studios in Ealing."

    "BodyAttack was a high energy class to up beat tunes with combinations of running, lunging, jumping with strength"

    "The trainer, Denice, was extremely fit with a good figure which was such an inspiration to me and she did tell me to alter the correct movement which was good."

    "I really enjoyed myself, and would love to be a regular member of Tribeca Studios. It should be well known in the fitness industry as it is a hidden gem!"

    "Wonderful staff, wonderful class and a beautiful studio"

    "I will be back to try the famous S'HIIT Hot workout! Thank you for a fabulous class!"

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  • Class review: CX and Stretch - RunningForAugust blog

    Class review: CX and Stretch - RunningForAugust blog

    27 Mar 2016

    "Fitness to a T"

    "A new concept gym that is based on being able to do your favourite classes all the time."

    "It’s pay as you go and has a packed schedule of Body Pump, Attack, Combat etc. as well as yoga, pilates, spin classes, spin classes with weights, S’HIIT hot – their signature high intensity class, and just about any other class that you can think of."

    "CX and Stretch involved 30 minutes of targeted core work followed by 15 minutes of proper stretching, and it felt like a really valuable addition to my training schedule."

    "I would definitely recommend a trip to Tribeca for the class schedule, card free swipe everything wrist band, smoothie and juice bar, and even the vending machines."

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  • Ealing Council - "Why New York is a fit for Ealing"

    Ealing Council - "Why New York is a fit for Ealing"

    8 Mar 2016

    "Inspired by how things are done in New York, Tribeca is run on a pay-per-class basis."

    "There is a stylish Manhattan theme and you will not be lost for ways of getting, or staying, fit."

    "Tirbeca is perfect for students with the pay-per-class model"

    "Whether you want to do a yoga or pilates class, a spinning class, or whether you want to dance or pump weights – you can do all that at Tirbeca."

    "There are no memberships, and no monthly fees. Just pay for the classes you want to do. You can buy one, you can buy five, you can buy 10 – you can just drop in and say hey whenever you want"

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  • The Ealinger - "Tribeca Whenever"

    The Ealinger - "Tribeca Whenever"

    7 Mar 2016

    "Hayley Balls and Colin Scott recently set up Tribeca Studios in Ealing Broadway to help people get fit according to their own timetable"

    "If customers love our classes, that’s enough!"

    "We pride ourselves on our range of classes, awesome instructors and great facilities."

    "Too many gyms rely on locking customers into long-term contracts. We’re turning that on its head. We want Tribeca to work with your life, pop in once a month or every day, we’ll just be pleased to see your smiling face! And you only pay for what you use.”

    "If Ealing gives us the vote of confidence, we’d love to roll out across London."

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  • The Line - "Downtown New York Meets Downtown Ealing"

    The Line - "Downtown New York Meets Downtown Ealing"

    28 Oct 2015

    "Tribeca Studios – Making Fitness Flexible and Fun"

    "Get excited and prepare to strut yo’ stuff big-time – London’s first Tribeca Studios is opening its doors in our very own W5."

    “The queen of the ‘burbs are pining for a high quality fitness experience"

    "Is it for men?  If the boys give Tribeca a try, they will be sold.  From those used to competing in team sports and looking to cross train, to folks looking to gain strength, build muscle, or just get out of the house to sweat for an hour, we have a class for you."

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  • Promo shoot review - Hollie Shillito PT

    Promo shoot review - Hollie Shillito PT

    11 Mar 2015

    "The day was a whirlwind of high energy, talented individuals."

    "Tribeca founders Hayley, Colin and Laura had organised the day to perfection and this lead to a low stress, high fun atmosphere that inspired great teamwork from all involved."

    "Some awesome photos and film were produced featuring real instructors and participants who are enthusiastic and passionate about fitness."

    "I loved the positive vibes bouncing around the room."

    "Tribeca Studios promises to be ‘the place to be’ for any class loving individual serious about fitness"

    "Tribeca will provide a unique fitness experience that will truly capture the fun of group exercise. I can’t wait to be there!"


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